POL111 WK3 DB2 Response 1 (75 Words)

Describe two challenges to modern democracy identified in the film.

Two Challenges to modern democracy identified in the film would be what socialist/ political scientist Hilliary Wainwright stated as “Powers that control money for their own purposes have effectively taken over government” Kijne, Chris. (Director). (2011). Another challenge stated in the film is with the political parties working together. According to John Keane, a professor of politics at the Centre for the Study of Democracy in London, “Parties that are suppose to be the link between citizens and government decision making are breaking down” Kijne, Chris. (Director). (2011)

Assess if the separation of powers and checks and balances are strengths or weaknesses for modern democracies.

The separation of powers, which divides the tasks of the state into the legislative, executive, and judicial is a strength because a democracy with it is going to prevent abuse of power and gives safeguard freedom for all. As mentioned by Republic of Austria Parliament, “No one institution can become powerful in a democracy as to destroy this system” Republic of Austria Parliament (N.D.).

As far as checks and balances, in particular, the power of the executive branch has expanded enormously since the 19th century, disrupting the initial balance intended by the framers. Presidential vetoes, and congressional overrides of those vetos tend to fuel controversy, as do congressional rejections of presidential appointments and judicial rulings against legislative or executive actions. But overall, the system has functioned as it was intended, ensuring that the three branches operate in balance with one another. With this, I would say that it is also a strentgh rather than a weakness.

Discuss two recommendations to address the shortcomings of modern democracy identified in the movie.

Two recommendations to address the shortcomings of modern democracy identified in the movie is to be more responsive to the people, discuss solutions to issues. Another recommendation is to have political parties work together, create change, and share ideas altogether.

Explain why or why not modern democracy will survive.

I believe that democracy will survive but not without faults. Democracy will not, unfortunately, resolve complex events or most effectively use technology, or respond speedily but it peacefully holds accountable leaders who don’t fulfill their promises or better our lives, and rewards those who do. There are hundreds of millions have transitioned from fully authoritarian monarchies and pure dictatorships. To defend democracy we can enhance our chances of winning by empowering women as well as teaching children critical thinking skills they need to separate truth from lies.


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