power point 10 slides 4

Please provide as much market research and demographic/psychographic information as possible on the Charles Town, WV area. Possible items for inclusion could be:

Age breakdown of area residents

Population data

The marital status of area residents

Educational information on area residents (e.g. high school graduates, college graduates, etc.)

Religion breakdown of area residents

Geographic location (e.g. city population versus suburbs)

Gender breakdown

Racial composition

Political views

Unemployment rate

Languages spoken

Income data

Average disposable income

Interest in sports

Competing forms of entertainment are also important to consider. This will vary from city to city and regionally, but could include:

Local college, high school, or professional sports teams

Events brought in by the local Chamber of Commerce to stimulate economic development

Theaters, concerts, etc.

City, county or state fairs

with detailed speaker notes

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