problem analysis worksheet 1

  1. Select a case study (Case Studies are listed under Resources below).
  2. Copy the case study or thoroughly paraphrase above the worksheet. (Please do not just put a number to identify the case.)
  3. Use specific data and verbiage from the case study when identifying the issues.
  4. Use complete sentences with citations where appropriate.
  5. Be sure you specifically address the ethical dilemma in the case.
  6. Propose three or more potential solutions. One may be to do nothing.
  7. Determine positive and negative impacts of each proposed solution.
  8. You will want to recall the knowledge gained from delegation and problem-solving worksheets completed in the prior assignment.
  9. Cite and reference a minimum of three sources.
  10. Be sure you state the obvious to assure that you are demonstrating understanding of the issue and the proposed solution(s).

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