product presentation 1 page text 5 powerpoint slides

This week, you will decide which product or service you will market for your final project. Using your product choice, decide which magazines, newspapers social media and other various media tools you’ll use to market your product (be specific). You will then write a brief summary narrative of your selections that will be used in your final IMC* plan.

The summary should be two or three paragraphs in length highlighting your selection of media that you will use to market your product/service. This document will serve as a draft to be incorporated later in the course into the IMC plan.

Create a presentation of 5-8 slides displaying your selections using any of the following formats to create your presentation; Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or Emaze. Then get on your narration voice and use Kaltura or a similar screen recording tool capture your presentation. To post your recorded presentation so that the class can see your Media Planning and Strategy Process to the assignment that is set for the course to view under blogs.

*IMC: Integrated Marketing Communications

PS: Product or Service can be a real product or imaginary. It’s all up to you.