project management 376

Activity 1: Deciding on a Project

Decide on a project you wish to spend this term developing the planning deliverables for. The project does not have to be done in 8 weeks, however you will complete deliverables throughout the term. Use one of the techniques in Chapter 2 of Schwalbe to identify a project idea (SWOT, Weighted Scoring Model, Net Present Value analysis, ROI, Payback Period).

Describe the project, the stakeholders, and what the project will produce.

Submit the project idea and description to the instructor for approval.

Activity 2: Understand the role of the project manager. You will need to draw on what you learned during the task and can use the following resources to gain more insight into the roles, responsibilities and history of project management Watch the videos – there is no associated upload to submit.

Activity 3: Software for Project Management

There are many options for project management software on the market that can help initiate, plan, and carry out a project efficiently.

In this term we will use MS Project 2013. You will all receive access via the Stratford University Remote Desktop. Directions will be sent out from the Service Desk.

Appendix A of Schwalbe is a guide to using MS Project.

Submit your project idea with additional information cited in Activity 1 above. The purpose of this assignment is to collect the information you will need for your business case – things like high level schedule, budget, stakeholders, requirements, etc.

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