psy module 7 discussion

You will need to do the following:

Step 1: Select someone who you are closed to (e.g., your spouse). You can also select anyone whom you interacted with in the past 24 hours.

Step 2: Spend 10 minutes to make a detailed list (List A) of the support you received from others in the past 24 hours. Be specific (e.g., who prepared your meal? Who did the dishes?)

Step 3: Spend another 10 minutes to make a detailed list (List B) of support you provided to others (e.g., you post a happy birthday wish on your social media). Be specific.

Step 4: Look through the two lists. If you listed your act of supporting others by expressing gratitude on List B, did you include similar items on List A when others did the same thing to you? If you cooked meal for another person, who bought the ingredients that you used to prepare the food? Be sure to cover the past 24 hours as detailed and as accurate as you can.

Step 5: Now spend 10 more minutes by making a list (List C) of inconvenience, distress, etc. that you have caused others. Did you criticize someone? Did you clean after yourself around the house? Be specific.

1) In your initial post, address the following question: (a) Did you notice anything that you weren’t aware before? (b) Was there any support (that you received from others) that you took for granted? (c) What have you learned from this exercise? Be sure to included enough details/examples to illustrate your statement (250 words)

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