psychology in your life 1

you need to submit a 3-5 page paper on roles that the concepts you have learned in this course relate to your life.

Go back to the Introductory discussion in week 1 where you were asked this same question before undertaking this class.
Building on your answer then, consider where psychology can provide insight into aspects of your life.

Be sure to incorporate the relevant and appropriate terminology from the course – including but not limited to Learning, Memory, Intelligence, Problem-Solving, and the brain.

Please incorporate other resources, including the videos and articles shared in this class and others you might seek out, appropriately, using in text citations and a Works Cited list. (Please see the Importance of Acknowledging the Work of Others information in the Syllabus & Course Info area for a refresher).

Your paper will be graded on how well you demonstrate your understanding of the course topics and how they relate to you and to each other (75%) and on the professional level of writing including conciseness, grammar, spelling, and use of citations (25%).