Recovery and Support Groups

Recovery and Support Groups

Locate an open recovery or support group in your local community.  Attend one of the group’s meeting. The group can be for any type  of substance or process addiction and does not have to be a 12-step  meeting. It does however need to be a support group to help with the  recovery from any addictive disorder. Ensure that the meeting is  considered “open” prior to attending it.

Important Note:  It is not appropriate to take notes while in the group session, so please  refrain and just take notes for yourself immediately after the meeting.

Write a two-part paper of 750-1,000 words that summarize your  experience at the meeting. Be sure to include important concepts  presented in the meeting while maintaining the privacy of all group  participants. Include the following in your paper:

Part 1: Attending the Meeting

  1. Attend a recovery support group meeting (include the name,    time, and place of the meeting)
  2. Describe the format of the    meeting that you attended.
  3. Describe each of the following:    Closed meeting, open meeting, steps, sponsor, and home group. Please    note: These terms are specific to AA and NA.

Part 2: Individual Recovery Methods

  1. Based on your observations during the meeting, identify the    impact of a substance use disorder on an individual’s life    problems based on the meeting attended. Â
  2. List two    examples of how members/participants were engaged in their recovery    goals to maintain sobriety.
  3. Identify two specific actions a    counselor can take that can help someone with a substance use    disorder be successful.
  4. List two goals that the client will    identify for successful recovery.
  5. List two specific    examples of actions a counselor might use to help someone with a    substance use disorder address self-defeating behaviors toward their    recovery progress?
  6. Include at least three scholarly    resources in your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA  Style Guide