Reflective Journal 3: Proposed Cultural Event

Reflective Journal 3: Proposed Cultural Event

Due Week 5 and worth 40 points

Address these points:

  1. Identify the site that you plan to visit for Assignment 4: Impressions of Museum or Gallery Exhibit.
  2. Identify your goals of the visit.
  3. Explain your reasons for the selection. (If you select a virtual site, explain your reasons.)

Note: If a student is unable to attend a cultural event in person due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, then the instructor will recommend an alternate event/activity for the student to “attend” online. The “ virtual” event/activity is usually only for students who, due to their physical location, cannot possibly attend an event/activity in person; typically, these students are stationed overseas or have no means of transportation. If you believe that you have a legitimate reason for attending a “virtual” activity, you must contact the instructor no later than Week 5 for your request to be considered.

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