Refuting Clarence Darrow

a.Discuss how a successful libertarian argument may or may not have affected the outcome of the trial if a jury was to decide a verdict and/or the penalty.

b.Present how the libertarian view argues that Darrow’s argument was logically inconsistent.

c.Finally, argue for or against the following claim: “To accept the notion that human beings lack free will is essentially to render human life itself pointless and meaningless. After all, if I am not able to shape my own life, then whatever my life happens to be is a mere accident, a mere chance occurrence of events that just happen to fall together as they do. None of it is my doing. To blame me or to praise me for anything is meaningless. Hence, life itself is meaningless.”

Do you think that Darrow’s argument leads to this conclusion? Explain.

You may answer in a holistic way incorporating each part of the question into one essay divided into appropriate paragraphs or you may break up your response into parts designated as “a,” “b,” “c,” etc.

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