Religion Writing Assignment Paper

Instructions for Final REL 103 Paper

P.S. For my writer. I’m a 22 years Old Sunni, Muslim and I don’t have any prejudice against any kind of religion nor do I have anything agains non-belivers. You can side with Muslims and Islam but please do not be racist or have any prejudice. Also please use the uploaded pdf book in your writing for quoting. Also, you can use the Quran, Bible, and Toarah in the writing as will.


·       Paper is due no later than 5pm of Final’s week

·       Paper should be no longer than 5 pages, double-spaced, printed out, etc.



(1)   Essentially this paper is a revision of your first paper, “Religion to me is…”

(2)   What you need to do on this final paper is ask yourself if your views on religion have changed since spending a semester studying the great religions of the world.

(3)   You will need to answer the following questions:

a.     Have my views changed?

b.     How have they changed?

c.     If they haven’t changed, why haven’t they changed?  If they have changed, why have they changed?

(4)   Next, you will need to say something about which religion you liked the most out of the ones we studied.

(5)   Finally, you will need to say whether or not this course has helped you better understand the function of religion in the world.  Has it helped you see religion in a more positive way or a more negative way?


(1)   Do not simply tell me things like, “Religion to me is Jesus…” or “Religion to me is Islam…” and then quote from your own religious tradition for 5 pages.  That is unacceptable.

(2)   Though this is a reflection paper, you should back up anything you say by using quotes from the textbook.  You may note your citations using MLA, APA, Turabian, etc.  Just be consistent!

(3)   Good grammar, spelling, etc. count.