Research at least two articles on the topic of the strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations. Write a brief synthesis and summary of the two articles. How are the topics of the two articles related? What information was relevant and why? Provide the references in your responses. Your post should be 300 words long. Along with this, attached document contains two discussions which needs responses. Each response should contains 150 words.

Resources: International Plastics, Inc. documents: see zipped resource file.

Develop a network drawing for International Plastics, Inc. using Microsoft® Visio®, Word, or PowerPoint®.

In addition to your network drawing, prepare a 260- to 350-word explanation of your network drawing and recommended improvements. Include the following information:

  • Explanation of the drawing
  • The risks to the current      network
  • The recommended improvements      for the current International Plastics’ voice, video, and data global      networks based on the risks that were identified

Ensure that references are cited and that the paper follows APA formatting guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.