research paper a tale of two countries health care delivery systems

Research Paper – A Tale of Two Countries’ Health Care Delivery Systems

You will submit a research paper comparing the United States health care delivery system with that of one other country (If Possible Cuba). Your research paper should include the following:

  • Analyze the following features of the health care delivery system of the selected country:
  • Briefly describe the country that you chose (Cuba) in terms of geography and any important cultural, economic, geographic, or other distinguishing traits that may impact views of health and/or public health.
    • Extent to which prevention services are offered
    • How citizens access services across the spectrum of health care; include any services that are not offered
    • Areas of health disparities and any special/priority populations
    • How services are financed and by whom (government, consumers, insurers, etc.)
    • Predominant health issues for each nation
  • Discuss what the United States is doing well and what lessons we can learn and incorporate from your chosen country.

This is a formal research paper. Your paper must include the following resources:

  • At least three credible Excelsior College Library articles (current, peer reviewed, and directly related to the state/federal reform initiative)
  • At least three credible governmental, policy, or NGO (non-governmental organization) websites.

Your paper should be 6-8 double-spaced pages, not including your cover page, reference page, and any charts you may wish to include. APA formatting is required. Be sure to provide a strong introduction and conclusion to the paper.

My college uses Turnitin for all written assignments.


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