research paper for film class

One of this course’s goals is to examine how media represents social issues. This assignment asks you to compare two pieces of media – one screened in class and one not – that engage with a similar topic. For example, you might compare Selma with another film about civil rights, or Amreeka with another film about immigration, etc. You might compare films from different time periods, or one narrative film and one documentary, or another combination you can think of. The goal is to think carefully and make an argument about the investments, strategies, and effects of different treatments of a social issue. !!!! I choose two labour movies, First one from class is “Harlan County, USA. 1976” Second one that i searched is “American dream 1990”!!!(the labour issue will be my main topic)

Here are two movies link 1, Harlan County, USA: only Chinese caption

2,American dream 1990: Sorry, no caption

The evidence for your argument is required to include: – Textual analysis of the media you chose – Scholarly research on the media, the social issue, the historical context, the production context, etc. You’ll need to use at least three scholarly sources as part of your paper.(I will provide two sources about “Harlan County”, you must find at least2 about the “American dream” and better to find 1-2 sources relate these two movies for strong essay) You might also benefit from including: – Primary research, which includes things like contemporaneous writing about the media – reviews, interviews, press releases – or other objects that help you understand the intentions behind or effects of the media, like advertisements, box office numbers, etc. !!! Important: Your paper needs to make an argument about the media/issue you are examining. !!! Don’t summarize two films and a social issue – think carefully about what is similar or different about these representations, why that might be (who made it? when? with what resources?), and the differing effects they had.

!!! You are encouraged to check your approach with your TA to make sure it will encourage good argumentation.

!!!Requirements: ● Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced ● 1700-2500 words, numbered pages ● Paper must cite at least three scholarly sources ● Heading with name, date, TA’s name and paper title ● Properly formatted Works Cited list (MLA or Chicago style)