research to make a recommendation for an overseas manufacturing site for your chosen organization.

Select a company that has a manufacturing component to use as the basis for your analysis. You will be performing research to make a recommendation for an overseas manufacturing site for your chosen organization. If you choose the organization where you are currently employed, please keep in mind that the analyses you make must be based on facts that can be documented rather than your personal opinion as an employee.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is an agency of the United Nations that creates and promotes international labor standards. The ILO convenes representatives of governments, employers, and workers to form international policies and programs promoting human rights and decent work for all. The ILO maintains an online database of international labor statistics. To use the database to prepare for this assessment, navigate the ILO, linked in the Resources, to complete the following:

Under Statistics and Databases, click ILOSTAT-ILO database of labour statistics.
Click on Country Profiles and select three countries of interest.
Review the data presented for each of the selected countries.
Create a table comparing the most recent data available for each of the selected countries.
Examples of relevant data could include monthly earnings, labor force, employment/unemployment rates, working time, et cetera. This data is a starting point for your research, but do no feel limited to this site. You are welcome to conduct additional research as you see fit on additional topics such as corporate tax incentives, education rates, economic status, competition for labor, or the number of exiting manufacturing facilities in the area.
It will be helpful for your recommendation to compare the data from the three selected countries to U.S. data.
Incorporate your prepared tables of comparison into the assessment.
Based on your research of international labor statistics and the organization you selected, complete the following:

Write a research paper that includes the following components:
Briefly compare the data for the three countries you selected.
Determine which country you would recommend for further investigation as a potential overseas manufacturing site for your selected company.
Explain why you selected this country.
Identify the types of additional information needed to make a final decision.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that represents your findings from your analyses. Be sure to follow the formatting instructions listed below.