The task is formulating a research  subject, using one of two ideas listed, Shared home hosting or Music as the universal language of subversive messaging and sexual imaging.

BOOK:  The Craft of Research, 3rd edition by Wayne c. booth

Beginning with the essential question: How do you define a research problem that is worth solving?

In Chapters 3 and 4, the authors provide some good suggestions and a three-step rubric:

Topic + Question + Significance (or T + Q + S)

For this discussion thread, please post below at least three (3) of your rubrics T + Q + S that you have devised while following the methods provided by the authors of the book.

1st question must be the TOPIC, 2nd must be the question and the 3rd must be on the significance. Thats (3) separate answers to (3) separate sections?

Topic + Question + Significance or T + Q + S  formula to help develop a research problem.

Interest in verbal and non-verbal professional communication social skills necessary in a new discipline of SHARED HOME HOSTING, non-traditional housing options, hosted by live –in landlords, hosted, operated and managed professional by entrepreneurs who share their fess based personal space on lease,  as onsite  hosting facilitators, specializing in professional hospitality, shared home housing, that transcends the  history of boarding houses, sharing of  a living space, not a life. Shared housing in the digital age where life is more like a docking station anchored in necessity, convenience and affordable budgeting, minus al social interaction or intersections. Domestically intimate but not physically or  personally, bed without the breakfast.


Music as a universal language of emotional, subversive messaging and  sexual imaging through artistic expression. The connection of Love and emotions as  artistically expressed in music. Music is the only language that requires the emotional translation for fear, love, remorse, lost, loneliness, sex, sensuality, rebellion. The digital revolution represents a shift in personal communication to shorten dialogue with messaging, texting, tweeting