Respond To An Article About Education

You’re gonna respond to “Are too many people going to college” by Charles Murray?


Please disagree with the author with his 4 points:

1. Students don’t have the ability to finish tough materials of college.

2. The opportunity cost of going to colleges is too high. People can use the same time to lean things that are helpful for living.

3. College doesn’t guarantee good jobs.

4. Finishing colleges doesn’t really give people self-satisfication.


Those are points I summarize from Murray’s article. If you think they are not good, you can read the article and change them. Then provide evidences to oppose them.


There are 5 pages of the MLA essay. You need to bring all evidences from my posted 4 articles. The prompt and requirement are within the uploaded files. Please read it carefully.

The payment can be negotiated. Please do it nice and neatly. Thank you.