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please respond to the following with 250 words keara :

After watching the 2 videos I realize how powerful water is but I never know it would be better to drink water with words written on it. I feel both videos really explained the magic of water that not to many people know about what words can do on water. Now I’m wondering if so many thoughts can do this to water, what can thoughts do to us? Just after see both videos and how thoughts words can effect water like that. Then just imagine the effects thoughts have on us or can have on us.

Dr. Masara Emoto was just get different types of water and freezing it and the out come of them was amazing to me. I say that because I never seen anything like that so to see the and the effect that water when he froze it. But the thought of freezing water but than out of no where it’s turning into ice crystal. From what I seen in the videos you can see that neither one of the ice crystal was shaped the same or even looked the same. All of the different shapes depend on all the different type of water they was using for the experiment.

The video also said water have memories and that when Dr. Masara Emoto said that he was tell the truth about that. Dr. Masara Emoto was also the one that stated that water was exposed to music. These videos was great video at the end of the day and I learned information that I didn’t know. The information that they gave I feel was good information, but I also think it was great to also write the book for the kids and let the kids read up on what water can really do and the effect thoughts have on water.

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