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You have decided to open a bar of your own. However, based on the material presented this week, you realize that there are quite a few regulations governing these types of retail facilities. Investigate the laws regarding operating a bar and grill. Be sure to consider all local and state regulations about the location of such establishments. Also determine what, if any, laws about security and liability are involved. In addition, determine the ethical issues involved. For example, do you want to locate near a high school or a rehab center? Do you want to hire people who are less than drinking age to work in the food section?

Write a 2 to 3 page Report identifying the laws and underling the kind of preparation needed to support the each law.

Address the following in your paper:

•First identify a State that you will use for this scenario.  In addition, provide a quick analysis for the current statistics regarding bar and grill establishments within the state.  The state is TEXAS and the city is San Antonio.

Use the following questions to complete your report:

•What are the local and state regulations for operating a bar and grill establishment?

•What are the ethical issues involved operating a bar and grill establishment?

•Where would you locate the bar and grill establishment?

•Are there any laws regarding security and liability in operating a bar and grill establishment?

•How would you manage the hiring process?  Who are your prime candidates?  Are there any laws for hiring a less than drinking age employee?

While addressing each question, be sure to provide what you would need to do for the establishment in order to support the various laws and ethical situations.

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