revise your paper based on your tutors suggestions

1. Analyze your feedback following the directions below.

2. Revise your paper based on your tutors suggestions. This is due to be turned in by hand by Wednesday, April 1st. Please upload the following to this page for credit:

  • Your tutor notes from Smartthinking
  • Your analysis of those notes
  • Your revised essay
  • English 100 – Smarthinking FeedbackWhat should you do with your Smarthinking feedback on your essay? (Please modify the following direction as needed, if you do not have access to a printer.)

    • Print the comments section from your Smarthinking feedback.
    • In the left margin of the printed feedback, number each comment the tutor made about your essay. For instance, if the first comment says “Great job on creating interest in your intro,” that would be #1. If the next comment says, “Your thesis only relates to part of your essay; you need to include something about free will in your thesis,” that would be comment #2. Etc.
    • On a print copy of your essay, find the spot that relates to each comment and write the same number in the margin.
    • Go back and read each comment. Decide what changes you will make in your essay.
      • Make a note on the feedback that you printed out from the tutor telling what you are going to change.
      • If needed, make a note on the feedback that you printed out from the tutor saying why you do not think you need to make a particular change. Explain why not.
      • At the end of the feedback that you printed from the tutor state what is the most helpful comment from the tutor?

    What to submit:When you are done with following the directions above SCAN or TAKE A PICTURE on your phone and send your written notes on the printout from your tutor through this assignment page. (This could get a little messy, but I’ll let you know if I have questions.)

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