role of federal and state governments in the accreditation and licensure process.

HS410 Unit 5 Assignment

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
● Compare accreditation and licensure.
● Understand the role of federal and state governments in the accreditation and licensure
● Recognize the role of nonprofit organizations, especially professional associations, as
they pertain to accreditation.
Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
HS410-3: Compare the roles of governmental and nonprofit agencies in accreditation and
licensure of healthcare organizations and professionals.

You are working for a community-based patient advocacy group. Your boss sends you an email
asking for publicly available information that your organization can compile for consumers. Your
boss wants to know about accrediting agencies and provider report cards that exist for various
types of public and private healthcare institutions (hospitals, managed care plans, long term
care facilities, etc.).
Reply to your boss with a one page email that describes the types of accrediting agencies and
provider report cards that currently exist. Be sure to include examples and hot links so that your
boss can readily follow up on this information if she so chooses.

Paper should be 500 words length, strictly on topic, informative, and original with 2-3 scholar referencess. No repeatation of words. Please use and read the attached document and follow all the instructions and use the grading rubrics below to do this assignment.




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