se the American community Survey for the relevant year

Can you handle this?
Gather info on the K-12 shooting incidents in the chart I have attached.
Collect the census info needed for  for each incident:

  • Use the American community Survey for the relevant year.
  • For each item list the required median data for the relevant census group (of the school) and the national median data for that year.
  • For reference be sure to include the census tract for the specific incident and the year.

In terms of which incidents, ultimately I will need the data for all 43 in the dataset.  However, complete  first, the last 17 (from Columbine on); after those are completed, you can work backwards on the others.

There is no particular format for writing this and the American Community Survey is apart of the U.S. Census.  You can locate it on the census website.

As far as formatting, I mean since it’s not a typical essay,  there isn’t a particular format. I’m looking for the Writer to find the data from the census site and break each section (shooting) into bullet points.