Should Basic Income be introduced in Canada? Consider arguments on both sides of the debate and exp

Write an academic argument of 8-10 typed, double-spaced pages in length (2000-2500
The pages of the term paper should be numbered. The paper must show evidence of
attention to the required readings in addition to utilizing two books, or two articles, or
one book and one article from the library that were not part of the list of required
readings. Journalistic sources (e.g., newspapers or popular magazines such as The Walrus
or Maclean’s), or websites lacking strong scholarly credentials do not count. Articles that
count should be from refereed academic journals and/or books published by academic
presses. Direct quotations must be indicated as such, through footnotes or endnotes. All
other borrowings must be properly cited: you MUST give sources for all information and
ideas that you did not invent. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and will be
disciplined according to policy. You MUST use quotation marks when you are
borrowing someone’s word-for-word phrasing.