Signature Assignment: Alternate PCA Activities Executive Summary

Imagine this scenario: Peer customer assessment (PCA) rounds have received national recognition as a best practice. A company you’re currently working with conducts PCA rounds 6 times per month. During those rounds, the health care organization’s leadership visits 2 units to establish face-to-face connections with staff and patients. Those visits allow leadership to discuss the patient experience, resolve any issues that the patient has encountered during their care, check in with organization wide staff, observe staff as they practice patient-centered care, and improve systems. However, the leadership group at this company has expanded, and PCA rounds have now become too large to be effective. Due to that, leadership is seeking your recommendations for alternate activities to fulfill PCA objectives.


Write a 600-word executive summary. An executive summary is a way to pitch an idea or to summarize complex information for a leadership team or a committee. Executive summary templates are available in Microsoft® Word, or you can use an online resource, such as Canva. Refer to the Resources section below for executive summary examples.


Address the following in your executive summary:

  • Recommend 3 appropriate alternate activities to fulfill PCA objectives.
  • Explain your rationale for each of the 3 alternate activity recommendations that you provided.
  • Create a measurable action plan that incorporates your 3 alternate activity recommendations.


As you complete the summary, consider opportunities to incorporate visuals (e.g., photo or table), especially if there were statistics or other vital information that could be communicated better visually.


Develop a title page that features a photo or is in the style of a report cover, as opposed to a formal APA-style paper title page.


Cite at least 3 scholarly references to support your recommendations.


Format your citations according to APA guidelines. Include In-text citations and a Reference page.

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