SOC 203 Week 2 Quiz ~ ( All Below Mentioned Questions Answered Correctly ~ Latest Syllabus

Question 1.According to research by Prudence Carter, student achievement by marginalized ethnic groups correlates to whether or not they feel a part of __________________________.


Question 2.Which of the following is NOT one of the Millennium Goals concerning equitable education practices?


Question 3.Which public educator is responsible for the creation and current success of the multi-approach education system of the Harlem Children’s Zone?


Question 4.What term refers to cultural rather than biological difference?


Question 5.According to the text, children raised by gay parents are more likely to ___________________ than other children.


Question 6.What is one of the primary factors informing a child’s access to quality education?


Question 7.Which of the following disciplines are women less likely to study, leading to education-related economic inequality?


Question 8.When were Jim Crow segregation laws imposed in the United States?


Question 9.Functionalist theorist Emile Durkheim believed that students should develop a set of _______________ values in order to positively contribute to society.


Question 10.Which country was the first to legalize gay marriage?


Question 11.What accounts for women earning less than men, according to conflict theorists?


Question 12.Feminist theorists suggest that gender issues run __________________ across racial divides and categories


Question 13.Which Constitutional amendment granted women the right to vote?


Question 14.What contributed to the expansion of higher education beyond the upper middle classes?


Question 15.What school of thought used scientific tools to label immigrants inferior?


Question 16.Racial categories are fixed.


Question 17.Which constitutional amendment granted African and African American residents the right to citizenship?


Question 18.Social forces can cause internalized homophobia.


Question 19.According to the text, the color-blind ideology ________________ discussions of racial inequality.


Question 20.Which of the following states is NOT at the top of equitable education funding?


Question 21.ALL BUT ONE of the following is a positive impact ongoing immigration has afforded the United States, according to the text


Question 22.Which of the sociological perspectives argues that funding does not always directly correlate to student success?


Question 23.What type of consequence is racial inequality in the quest for power, according to the conflict perspective?


Question 24.In an effort to reduce out-of-field teaching in public schools, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 mandated that ______________ classes be taught by highly qualified teachers.


Question 25.Why did California pass a number of anti-immigration acts against Asians during the 19th and 20th centuries?


Question 26.Unintended institutional discrimination is formed by racism.


Question 27.Which of the following was NOT listed as a structural effort to disenfranchise non-white people in a burgeoning United States?


Question 28.In addition to childbearing responsibilities and subsequent time off from work, ALL BUT ONE of the following is a challenge women face on the job:


Question 29.According to a 2011 U.S. Department of Education policy brief, what percent increase in school budgets would profoundly affect, if not eradicate, educational inequality in U.S. schools?


Question 30.The No Child Left Behind Act has been criticized for ALL BUT ONE of the following:



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