Social Psychology the target of negative attitudes are people living in poverty.

Social psychology has long been interested in the concept of attitudes – in particular what influences those attitudes which are related to stigma

and prejudice towards others. One group of people who are often the target of negative attitudes are people living in poverty.

Your essay question is: Describe how media portrayals contribute to the formation of negative attitudes towards people living in poverty.

Provide an argument for using positive media portrayals as an effective way to change attitudes.The short essay should consist of 1200 words (+/-10%). Please note this word count does not include your references.

A minimum of three peer-reviewed journal articles must be cited within your essay. To locate these journal articles, you can conduct a search in Google Scholar. Select and download the full-text version of the articles that support your argument.

Use appropriate APA formatting in-text.

Include a reference page with correct APA formatting.

An abstract is not required for this assessment. Please see attached PDF called Task outline for Assessment 3 for detailed instructions and rubric.

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