Sociology ( Discussion Board)

Discussion Board 1 – Self & Interaction (Ch 4)

The data above comes from the General Social Survey (GSS) responses to the question, “Can people be trusted?”

In this week’s discussion board:

Discuss how one or more of the concepts or theories from Chapters 1, 3, 4  can be used to explain why trust of other people is declining.

Your discussion should include:

  • an initial post in which you identify one or two concepts, define it/them and explain how it can be used to explain the patterns of trust.
  • a response to a classmate that substantively discusses  the concept they have chosen and how it applies to data on trusting people in the United States (you must do more than say I agree or disagree).
  • a coherent argument. For example, if you want to apply a micro sociological concept from chapter 3 to explain why one person may not trust another person in an interaction, then you may want to apply a macro sociological concept from chapter 1 or 3 that helps to explain why we are seeing trust decline throughout society (that is, explaining what is going on that can explain why many people in multiple contexts may not be as trustful).

 Remember to make two posts according to the guidelines above.  75 word minimum for each post.

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