Tech Journal & Presentation

Tech Journal & Presentation

Introduce TJ the Robot to all the technology that you come across in your daily life. Technology is everywhere and TJ wants to learn and see as much as possible.

Document this by creating a Tech Journal. Take a photo of TJ with the technology and write a brief description about the technology. TJ does not know about the technology we use; so please make sure to explain it well.

This is a fun activity and I hope to see many examples of technology in your daily lives. Please make sure to provide many examples from various places. Examples include shopping, work, personal life, school and more! However, I do not want any of you to get in trouble so please do not do anything that could get you or TJ in any kind of trouble.

Please introduce TJ the Robot to at least six different information system technologies at a minimum and feel free to show TJ more! Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create your journal. You can use the same PowerPoint to present your technology or create another.

Submit the Microsoft PowerPoint file(s) showing TJ with the technology along with the description.

This assignment is worth 50 points (5 points x 6 entries + 20 points for presentation).


Entries – 30 points

  1. Entry one with picture – 5 points
  2. Entry two with picture – 5 points
  3. Entry three with picture – 5 points
  4. Entry four with picture – 5 points
  5. Entry five  with picture – 5 points
  6. Entry six with picture – 5 points

Presentation (minimum of 8 slide PowerPoint presentation) – 20 points

  1. Title slide – 1 point
  2. Technology Presentation – 3 points per entry slide – 18 points
  3. Conclusion slide – what technology that was entered did you learn the most from and why? – 1 point

Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Remember that TJ must be in the photo, so cut TJ the Robot out and feel free to color and/or decorate as you see fit!