Term Paper

Term Paper

  • Please read & follow all directions for this assignment.
  • The Term paper is worth a total of 20 points.
  • See Syllabus Page 2 for Due Date Information.
  • Do NOT submit paper before you fully understand terminology required. Do not submit your paper if it does not include in-text citations. Please visit https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ for detailed explanation of MLA citation methods.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the this page.
  • Follow the instructions for submitting your writing assignment.
  • No assignments will be accepted by email.


  • Complete your assignment using a word-processing software such as Microsoft Word and Open Office (download free software at http://www.openoffice.org).
  • Submit your assignment through the proper link located BELOW.

This SINGLE assignment has two parts, to be completed as ONE document.


Choose ONE visual artist that were BORN after January 1, 1900 from your book and answer the 6 questions below in a CRITIQUE ESSAY.


  • INELIGIBLE artists include: Filmmakers (including animators), performance artists, actors, graphic designers, craft artists and architects. Artist works should be in a visual media such as painting, sculpture, mixed media, installation, drawing….
  • Ineligible websites: Wikipedia.org, artsy.net, artcyclopedia.com…. (or any other “general” art site) or any site that is a “sale site”
  • Artists that work as a team count as a single artist.
  • Points will be deducted for missing or incomplete responses to ALL SIX QUESTIONS.
  • If you have any questions about your selected artist, please email me.


  1. Artist name, year of birth, country of birth and PAGE artist is found in your text book (1 pt.)
  2. Complete website where you found information about the artist. This website must be an “informational” site that is specific to your artist. (1 pt)
  3. What is his/her primary media? (1 pt)
  4. List TWO locations where the artist work is currently displayed or was recently displayed. Be specific. (2 pts)
  5. Write a short paragraph about why this artist interests you. For full credit your response must be at least 60 words. (2 pts)
  6. Locate on the Internet one piece of the artist’s work that is not found in A World of Art. Then- IN YOUR OWN WORDS – Fully describe its media (form / materials) and content (meaning / story). Include the full website where you found the piece. For full credit, your response must be at least 60 words. (3 pts)

PART 2: SHORT ESSAYS 10 pts. (5 pts. per topic)

Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar and spelling.


  • Select TWO questions / topics from the list below.
  • Write your response in essay format.
  • For full credit- your response to each question / topic must be more than 300 words AND include quotations and in-text citations.
  • Please re-write the question /topic that you are responding to.


  1. Sayre names seven major themes in Art. Define four and cite examples of each from your book which are not found in Chapter 21.
  2. Discuss the four “roles of the artist”. Cite an example of each from your book not found in Chapter 1.
  3. Give an overview of the ways in which painting has been combined with other media. Use an example not found in the text.
  4. Describe the different ceramic methods and materials. You may us