the assignment will be automatically run through safeassign to check for plagiarism

**The assignment will be automatically run through SafeAssign to check for plagiarism.


1A) Using the knowledge, you developed from watching “Commanding Heights” and “Inside the Meltdown,” please discuss the current Covid19 crisis in terms of previous crises. B) Also, look at the situation from the perspectives of Hayek and Keynes.

2- Discuss how a company should estimate sales potential in a foreign market. Please include customer characteristics, positioning, channels and other key elements that predict sales.

3- A) Discuss two of the final presentations (one of them can be yours). B) What are the lessons you learned from each presentation.

4- A) How are standardization and adaptation related to global marketing?B) Discuss international pricing and the importance of branding.

5- Discuss “Inside the Meltdown,” what are the three major lessons from this crisis?

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