The Complex Health Care Organization: A Profile

Upon completion of this assignment, you will have critically evaluated an actual complex health care organization by reviewing its structure and key attributes. 


Identify a health care organization.

·       Use Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami FL

·       Website:


You will further explore this organization for your individual assignments in upcoming weeks. Unless you have chosen an organization featured in the literature or the media, please replace the actual organization name with a pseudonym (e.g., “Alamo Rehabilitation Center”).


·       Use JM Health as pseudonym


Develop a profile of your chosen health care organization in an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Do the following in your profile:


Include a title slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, and references.


Provide voice-over and/or speaker’s notes for each slide.


Format your presentation according to APA guidelines, include in text citations, foot notes, and a reference page


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