the importance of language

Please make sure to note which prompt you are responding to)

Prompt, Option A: Please define “cultural perseverance” and apply this model to understanding efforts by Cherokee Nation to reinvigorate language use among their people. Why is this perseverance, as opposed to just preservation of the language?

Prompt, Option B: As you have seen throughout this module, extensive efforts have been made by the Cherokee Nation government, and other tribal governments, to revitalize their native languages while experiencing language loss and shift (primarily being replaced by English). These revitalization efforts take significant time and money for tribal governments which are often limited in both. The question then is, why do you think language revitalization is so important to these tribes? Be specific, going beyond what was talked about in the module. If all languages are equal, why is it so important to revitalize indigenous languages?

Word Count: At least 200 words.

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