theory assessment and interventions of addiction

HUSS220Theory, Assessment, and Interventions of Addiction

Portfolio Project Directions and Rubric

ThisPortfolio Project is worth 15% of your grade


Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:

Course Outcomes

Evaluate the treatment process, including assessment, diagnosing, goal setting, treatment interventions, medication assisted treatment, levels of care and community support groups.

Program Outcomes

Support the assessment of client concerns and available resources to match support services to improve quality of life of the client/customer/patient

Institutional Outcomes

Information Literacy and Communication – Utilize appropriate current technology and resources to locate and evaluate information needed to accomplish a goal, and then communicate findings in visual, written and/or oral formats.

Thinking Abilities – Employ strategies for reflection on learning and practice in order to adjust learning processes for continual improvement.

Community and Career – Participate in social, academic, and professional communities for individual growth and to function as a citizen of a multicultural world.

Relational Learning – Transfer knowledge, skills and behaviors acquired through formal and informal learning and life experiences to new situations.

Deliverable items for the Portfolio Project will be required at different points during the course. Details for each submission are included below in the Deliverable Descriptions.


You have recently been hired as an assistant at a local behavioral health organization that provides counseling services to individuals with disorders related to substance use and mental health. As part ofyour first case, you will assess an individual’s symptoms using criteria from the DSM-5. You will present the case to the treatment teamand make recommendations for treatment services(by writing apaper). Doing this will require you to understandaddiction,demonstrate the ability to diagnose someone with a substance use disorder, and know the various treatment options and resources available. You will deliver this information in a written paper that will evolve over the course of the next 7 weeks.


Using one of the provided case studies, you will write a 1,500-word researchpaper that will explore substance use disorders/addiction and demonstrate an understanding of substance use disorders and their treatment.This assignment will be completed in sections over thecourse of the next 7 weeks.You will be expected to utilize information from the lectures, supplemental resources, and your own research to explore the clinical assessment process, understand the various forms of treatment interventions, and apply this understanding to your case.

The case studies for this project can be found at the end of this document (in Appendix A), as well as in the Week 1 Activities folder in Blackboard.

Requirements and Formatting

Your Portfolio Project must be formatted as follows:

APA formatting

Title Page

Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font

1-inch margins

Page numbers in top right corner