Topic 1: Zara and Netflix Case Studies

Topic 1: Zara and Netflix Case Studies

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1. In what ways is the Zara model counterintuitive? In what ways has Zara’s model made the firm a better performer than Gap and other competitors?

2. What do you believe are the most significant long-term threats to Netflix? How is Netflix trying to address these threats? What obstacles does the firm face in dealing with these threats?

3. Spend some time online researching services such as Netflix, BlockBuster, Hulu, and other streaming movie sites. How do these services compare? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these different services?

4. Describe some of the features (i.e., functions, menu options) of the information system that you chose in week one (make sure you have an approved information system before you complete this assignment). When describing a feature, walk the user through that feature, describing the interactions the user has with the system.  What data or information does the user enter into that feature?  What does the information system do with that data?  Does it transform it in some way?  How is that data later retrieved or displayed (output)?  What is that data used for?