topic 2 dq1 12

Identify a common perceptual, neurological, or cognitive issue and discuss contributing factors. Outline steps for prevention or health promotion for the patient and family.

Read Chapter 2 in Pathophysiology: Clinical Applications for Client Health.

Read “Advanced CT for Diagnosis of Seizure-Related Stroke Mimics,” by Austein, Huhndorf, Meyne, Laufs, Jansen, and Lindner, from European Radiology (2018).

Read “This Is Not Only About Memory: A Systematic Review on Neuropsychology Heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s Disease,” by Martorelli, Sudo, and Charchat-Fichman, from Psychology and Neuroscience (2019).

Read “The Relationship Between Thyroid Function and Cerebral Blood Flow in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease,” from PLOS ONE (2019).

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