topic six topic six charles

read and research right to assign critiqui based on the guidelines provided, So this is topic six OK let’s just make sure we haven’t done five when you’re doing it just double check so that we don’t duplicate and yeah and after this I’m going to post six and seven together all right nice work OK what’s going on is everything OK with your family here OK honey. This is topic six OK topic six, And please don’t forget to label each and everyone of them topic 123 all the way to the end so that I’ll be able to differentiate this thank you. Sometimes this thing is so annoying I just want you to talk and feel out of this litter box without it in one let’s go Just ignore the rest of this message the most important thing is that this topic six and all the information is on the syllabus as always for the rest of the stuff is not relevant is just talking into the situation that if I don’t feel I just have to talk to fill up this box so annoying for real,

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