tourism and technology 2 short questions based on understanding of the chapter

only question 2 and 3!

Question 2 (2.5 points)

One of the major lessons being learnt from the corona virus pandemic, is the very rapid embracing of technology to new uses and ways of working. Technology will be seen as part of the solution to the negative effect of the pandemic on tourism and hospitality organizations.

  • In light of the previous statement, give three examples of how technology can enable tourism and hospitality organizations to continue their operations during the spread of the pandemic.

Question 3 (5 points)

Review chapter 6 titled Hospitality Information Technology and the tutorial related OPERA PMS answer the following questions;

  • If you were the manager of a luxury hotel with 300 rooms and different types of restaurants, what functionalities would you want from the PMS? Give examples for the integration between the PMS and three other IT systems.
  • Give examples of other channels that you will use to sell the hotel and how the PMS will help you to manage those channels?

Important notes

1.Providing general answers just by copying from the slides is not acceptable and will not be awarded any grade.

2.No references are required as this assignment totally depend on your understating of the slides.

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