turn in your research paper here by may 16 at 11 59 pm the last day to turn in the research paper without a late penalty will be the last day of the last module may 26th at 11 59 pm from may 27th at 12 00 am through june 1st at 11 59 pm the paper will

Template for Research Paper

Jonathan Martin

Each paragraph should start by pressing the “Tab” button on the top left of the keyboard. This will properly indent your paragraph; make sure that all paragraphs are indented in some way. Most paragraphs need to consist of between five to seven sentences. This is not necessarily a requirement, but more of a general rule. The Research Paper should be 5-8 pages long. This does not mean you should fill out the Paper with fluff to achieve the proper page length. If your Paper is four pages of solid material then that is better than adding a whole other page that doesn’t contribute to the Paper, but just pads out the length. The Research Paper should have 1” margins on all sides. The Paper should also be double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font.

For citations, I really am not partial to any style you are familiar with, all I want is for you to stay consistent (actually as a general rule you should just stay consistent with everything in a Paper). If you begin with footnotes, then stay with footnotes. If you want to do endnotes, then stay with endnotes (if you have Word then you can do this, but not with Google docs). If you want to do in-text citations then stay with in-text citations (Author, Title, pg. #, year). Your endnotes and footnotes will count towards your total length. Don’t forget to paginate your Paper. At the end of your Paper you will need a Works Cited or Bibliography page; this will not count towards your total page length.

Works Cited

Alphabetical order by Author, Title, Publisher, Year.

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