two 3 pages essay 014

Each essay should be around 3 pages long, please write question #5 and choose from #1-4 (I personally chose 5 because I think it’s easier) The syllabus lists out all the books we have read this semester and other topics we have learned, as stated in the prompt, each essay should include three works from the syllabus (you can search up summaries online) For Chinese poetry, Chinese calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy etc. these topics that are not books are in the resources file under Cultural Foundations II on NYU classes. You can use those documents as well (for example, one Chinese poem could count as one work, as long as it relates to the entire essay) This Professors cares about thesis statement and topic sentences a lot, so make sure the thesis is clear with a strong argument, and the rest of the essay supports this thesis. Under Media Gallery in NYU classes, there are also many mini lectures posted for the topics/books that were covered in second semester since classes have been moved online (I think these mini lectures are better than summaries online since it’s the professor talking). When you are logging on to NYU classes there is a verification that will send to my phone, I will be up pretty much all night/tomorrow during day time as well so once I see the notification I can let you login. Thank you so much!!