unit 3 assignment 2 2

    • Select one of the topics below that you plan to use for your future research and writing paper in this course.
      • Employee use of social media
      • Discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation
      • Collective bargaining
      • Outsourcing, contracting and/or part-time employment
      • Immigration and employment
      • Pay and benefits
      • Whistle-blowing
      • Performance management
      • Training and employee development
      • Employee safety and health
      • Workplace violence
      • Right of privacy
      • Equal pay
    • Provide a brief summary of the topic and include a link to one source (article, book, etc.) that inspired you to decide on this topic. Include a brief summary of one emerging issue related to the topic.
    • Requirements: 150 words minimum, plus link to source
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