unit 5 discussion board healthcare marketing

1. How has the onslaught of social media affected you personally in regards to your personal life and professional career? How does the Bible instruct you to handle this new medium?

2. Prompt: Locate a newspaper or journal article on healthcare marketing in regards to the impact social media has played on the healthcare industry. Analyze the article.

Article: https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=uuZNnyYWK2EC&oi=fnd&pg=PA244&dq=challenges+of+social+media+in+healthcare&ots=55LxrEWJ4J&sig=hgu3DiK-gZ2bRiKox4Ktq6hKtgk#v=onepage&q=challenges%20of%20social%20media%20in%20healthcare&f=false

o Requirements: 250 words minimum for each post.