update capstone project

1 page—update on your progress,any past or current hurdles that you have met and any additional help or advice that you need.

Proposal feedback from my professor

This is an interesting topic and one that has a lot of potential impacts! One point of feedback is that you can add specificity around your hypotheses. When you are talking about the individual statements, be more specific and talk about what are the exact measures that you will be looking at. This will help tremendously later on when you are gathering the data to do the analysis. For example, in Hypothesis 1, you mention that increasing homelessness will lead to slower economic growth. What are your measures of economic growth? Will it be GDP or real GDP or CPI? Are you going to look at this from a nationwide perspective or states or cities? In Hypothesis 2, you can be a lot more specific on how the tapping of skills will work and what are the empiric measures of that – what are the data that you can collect that show there is an increase in tapping the skills of the homeless. That directly leads into your methodology when you say that you will be doing primary research using focus groups. How is data from focus groups going to be used in analysis? Generally focus groups is good at providing feedback on ideas or policies but they don’t generate enough volume to be used in data analysis so that’s something that I think you can make clearer. Overall a very interesting idea but you can add more specificity around the hypotheses.

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