voting and the educational divide

Consider this week’s material assigned to you this week on voting and the educational divide. Based on your understanding of the article, critically and thoughtfully respond to the author’s main findings and come up with an example (personal or observed through social media, etc.) that examines Suls’s main points. Is your example a fair representation of the PewResearch Center’s findings on voting habits and the educational divide? Conversely, you might choose a particular element of the PewResearch article to focus on, to discuss rather than focusing on a broader read. In whatever way you decide to present an example for this Discussion Board, your requirement is only to make use of the articles together and to engage the sociological imagination while doing so.

Remember to demonstrate your understanding of the material and cite properly.

Your Initial Post of 2-3 paragraphs is due Thursday of this week. You are required to respond to two of your colleagues’ Initial Posts by the end of the week, Sunday.

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