Watch The TED Video And Write 2 Pages Essay

Speech Analysis: Search the TED Talk Website and search for a presentation (10 minutes or longer) that interests you. Then write a 2 pages, double spaced, report that includes terms and techniques we discussed in class and how the speaker uses them (ex. attention getter, research, patterns of speech organization, body language, etc.). Also, copy and paste the link on the paper.  Send both an electric and hard copy to receive credit.

· Summarize the discussion topic (limit this to one paragraph)

· Was the speech informative or persuasive? How did you know? What language did the speaker use?

· How did the speaker gain your attention? What techniques are used?

· How was the speech delivered? What techniques did the speaker use?   Were there any insightful or impactful messages?

· Does the speaker use additional research, personal experience, or both as support? How?

· Did the speaker use a speech organization pattern like we discussed in class?

· Did the speaker have an impactful ending? How did the speaker conclude the talk?

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