week 2 assignment 98

Part 1

Answer stated question and respond to 2 classmates

Stated question

What factors might inhibit HRD managers from developing a strategic planning approach to training? How might these factors be overcome?

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”

Classmate 1Nicole


Some factors that might prevent HRD managers from developing a strategic planning approach to training are the environment in which the training operates, the resources available (financial, material, and personnel), and the core capability contained within the training function (Blanchard &Thacker, 2013). By analyzing these areas it will lead to strategic decisions about the technology that should be used to develop necessary employee capabilities (Blanchard &Thacker, 2013). These areas must be analyzed in order to develop an HRD strategy (Blanchard &Thacker, 2013).

These factors might be overcome by hiring highly skilled and knowledgeable people who can work under a structure that allowed them flexibility in how they go about their work (Blanchard &Thacker, 2013). Also, implementing reward and feedback systems must focus on the long term rather than the short term performance and some amount of failure must be expected as employees try out new ideas (Blanchard &Thacker, 2013).


Blanchard, P. N., & Thacker, J. W. (2013). Effective training: Systems, strategies, and practices (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Classmate 2 Bryan

Human resources development managers might encounter inhibiting factors of a strategic planning approach that include: the training environment, resources available (financial, material, and personnel), and training core competencies. If the training environment is outdated, too small, or not available at all, then the organization will experience a deficiency in the training department. If resources are not allocated to the approach, then the organization may be working twice as hard to meet the same goals than if they were to receive the necessary resources. Competence is a necessity for the success of any training and organizational service, otherwise customers may seek business elsewhere (as for municipalities, this may involve moving to another community).


Complete 2 Essay Questions

1. Human resource development (HRD) and organizational development (OD) seem to complement one another but do not often work together in an organization. What are some of the reasons for this lack of cooperation? Why do HRD professionals need OD competencies and OD professionals need training competencies?

Your essay response must be a minimum of 200 words in length.

2. What is relationship between competitive strategy, external environment, and internal strategies in strategic process planning?

Your essay response must be a minimum of 200 words in length.

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