week 5

1. Consumer Decision Making

What motivated you to  buy a product you’ve never used before? Using the Four Views of Consumer Decision Making, how does each type of personality go through the consumer decision process? Given the Model of Consumer Decision making, provide an example of how each view of the consumer (economic, passive, cognitive, and emotional) go through the steps in the process for a product purchase. How would the level of decision making affect the process? Do interest and price play a role at any level or step? Support your work through integration and leverage of the readings and constructs.

2. Diffusion of Innovations

The rate and success of the diffusion and adoption of innovations depend on a number of factors discussed in our text.  

Scenario: Samsung has introduced a smartphone with a digital camera that combines the size benefits of a digital point and shoot camera with the ability to use small interchangeable lenses. 

How can the company use the diffusion-of-innovations framework to develop promotional, pricing, and distribution strategies targeted to the following adopter categories?


-Early adopters

-Early majority

-Late majority


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