weekly reflection 8

This should be an original piece of writing, 500 words in length. Be sure to follow the prompt carefully and in full:

Your reflection this week focuses on your own experiences with surveillance and youropinions about the ethics of surveilling digital media users. For the first half of your reflection, pick one of the two “Screening Surveillance” films not discussed in the lecture(either “A Model Employee” or “Frames”) and talk about how the video made you think in new ways aboutsome specific element of your own experience with new media technologies. Remember to point to specifics from the film as “evidence,” such as particular images or quotes. For the second half of your reflection, provide a quote (approximately one sentence long) spoken by Shoshana Zuboffin the “Surveillance Capitalism” guest lecture that you found particularly compelling or provocative. Briefly explain the quote and then discuss your own opinion: Do you agree or disagree with Zuboff in this quote and why? Support your opinion with specific examples from your own experience. Note: This quote should not come from the first 5 minutes of the video.

Film: A Model Employee https://www.sscqueens.org/projects/screening-surve…

Frames https://www.sscqueens.org/projects/screening-surve…

Zuboffin Lecture :

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