What are some Management Theories and their forefathers?

To complete the Taxonomy assignment, do the following: (30 points)

-Identify 10 Management Theories (Not all motivational theories qualify) (5 points)

-Identify the person(s) given credit for the theory (founder/theorist) (5 points)

-Summarize the theories (5 points)

Reflection: (15 Points)

Select two (2) of the theories that are of particular interest to you (that you support the most). Discuss what interests you most about these theories and how understanding these theories can/will help you in your professional life. Then provide 1 example for how each of the theories are employed.

Note: limit the reflection essay to 1 page; follow APA standards.

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So please finish this work before 11:30p.m. and send me.( It is 2:19 p.m. here)


This is only one page assignment. Please help. Thanks

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