What are the most relevant social issues facing the community you served?

Students are expected to answer the final reflection question in five typed pages in length, double spaced with ¾” margins all around and 12 point font (use APA format to site references). This paper is due on the last day of class on Blackboard.

Answer the following reflection questions:

Based on your community service experience and the academic content of this course, how do you now understand your social location, social responsibility, and community engagement
What are the most relevant social issues facing the community you served? Are these issues easily solved or difficult to solve? Explain. In what ways do power, privilege, and oppression function within these social issues? How do power and privilege perpetuate these social issues?
How has your service experience been more than a one-way relationship (i.e., more than one person acting as the giver, and the other the receiver)? How were you responsive to those you served? How were they responsive to you? How do you now better understand reciprocity in the context of community service?
Share two accounts of when reciprocity and responsiveness were demonstrated during your service experience with the community. What did you learn from those experiences?
How does learning about and applying the Asset Based Community Development approach change the way you understand what it means to serve a community?
Life experiences, such as community service and civic engagement, often influences and transforms who we are and what we become. How do you think this particular community service experience shapes the way you identify yourself and your social location? How has this experience contributed to your personal growth and development? How do you see yourself as more informed and active in the community? In what ways will it be integrated into your life, community, and institution, i.e., University?

Format: 6 pages typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, ¾” margins, use APA format to site references

I volunteered at a local Sikh Temple in Hesperia CA