What argument for God’s existence is based on the very definition of the kind of being God is or must be?

Question 1 10 pts

What argument for God’s existence is based on the very definition of the kind of being God is or must be?




Teleological or Design

Question 2 10 pts

Regarding the existence of God, the argument from design is that where there is design:

natural evolution is enough to explain it.

there’s not always a designer.

there must be a designer.

All of these are true.

Question 3 10 pts

In his wager argument about God, Pascal argued that believing in God is:

founded in the certainty of science.

the best bet to take with your life.

like accepting 2+2=4.

easy and involves no sacrifice.

Question 4 10 pts

To claim the world needs a Creator-God but fail to accept this Creator as an Un-caused First-Cause is to become involved in what philosophers call:

An infinite regress

An infinite progress

A First Mover

Natural theology

Question 5 10 pts

With Anselm’s definition of God, the argument is that:

existence is part of perfection.

perfection goes with the very idea of God.

Both statements belong to his argument

Neither statement belongs to his argument

Question 6 10 pts

The religious culture of the ancient Greek philosophers was polytheistic.



Question 7 10 pts

According to philosophers, the existence of evil in the world poses no serious logical challenge to belief in the existence of an all-powerful and completely good God.



Question 8 30 pts

Discuss and compare the meaning of the following two seemingly contradictory statements:

Etext chapter 7 page 184: “If there is no God, then everything is permitted.” – The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821–1881).

“If there is a God, then everything is permitted.” – Slavoj Zizek (present day philosopher)

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